Hard­ware compon­ents

The system hard­ware of GEMOS­ access con­sists of several modular compon­ents which you can compose and extend according to your require­ments.

GEMOS­ access controller (GAC)

The high-output GEMOS­ access controller (GAC) is the cen­tral intel­ligence of all doors and modules connected to it.

GEMOS­ access module (GAM)

With the GEMOS­ access module (GAM) you estab­lish connec­tions for all technical items on a door you can think of, regard­less of manu­facturer and type.

GEMOS­ module carrier

The GEMOS­ module carrier with a height of one rack unit for installa­tion in an elec­trical cabinet accom­mo­dates up to three GEMOS­ modules.

GEMOS­ access service tool (GAST)

GEMOS­ access service tool (GAST) is a service appli­ance allowing you to verify the cor­rect func­tion of all door compon­ents connected to the GEMOS­ access module (GAM) and to measure their para­me­ters.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019