Door hard­ware

For timber or steel doors

The BKS range offers you a broad choice of pro­ducts for timber and steel doors. Just select from our door handle sets, touch bars or push bars the design and mate­rial that fits your parti­cular app­li­ca­tion. The pro­duct selec­tion ranges from eco­nomic stan­dard hard­ware and the cor­responding bur­glar-inhibiting vari­ants through to hard­ware for fire pro­tec­tion, smoke pro­tec­tion and escape doors.

Stan­dard hard­ware to EN 1906

The popular designs of the tried and trusted BKS stan­dard hard­ware pro­ducts offer you crea­tive scope for inte­rior doors. Our basic pro­gramme in stai­nless steel quality comprises turn handle sets, turn handle/fixed pull sets and bathroom sets.

WDL pro­ject hard­ware to EN 1906 and EN 179

The design-ori­entated hard­ware for pro­ject doors feature a mai­n­tenance-free lever bea­ring (WDL). The hard­ware range includes seven different lever handle series with various lever handle models. By combi­ning the handles with different door knob models and back­plate shapes you can create many individual hard­ware vari­ants. All of these satisfy the grade 4 in accor­dance with EN 1906.

Secu­rity hard­ware grade ES3

BKS secu­rity hard­ware with cylinder cover offers enhanced pro­tec­tion against violent attacks: the har­dened steel cylinder cover is loo­sely supported but securely connected with the hard­ware through its own special shape. Picking and twisting off the cylinder is also hampered by yet ano­ther built-in secu­rity device.

Panic exit devices
to EN 1125

Our push bars and touch bars to EN 1125 can be used with our panic locks and harmo­nised with the hard­ware on other doors in the pro­ject. The wide range of mate­rials and ver­sions we offer will always enable you to create architectural sites with a harmo­nious design.

Face-fixed panic exit devices in accor­dance with EN 1125

The face-fixed types of BKS panic exit devices are simply atta­ched onto the door leaf. The touch bars or push bars are approved in accor­dance with EN 1125 and sui­table for fire pro­tec­tion doors. The hard­ware comes in different mate­rials and ver­sions to match individual door designs.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019