Escape door locking ele­ments

With GU you can play it safe: our elec­trical locking means for escape doors meet or sur­pass the strin­gent require­ments of EltVTR and prEN 13637. They always release the door in the event of an emergency – even under pre­load – and reduce the installa­tion effort thanks to a reduced number of compon­ents.

Elec­tri­cally locking panic locks

The GU group offers you the first self-locking panic lock that has ever been combined with an elec­trical escape door lock in one system. Addi­tional mil­lings in the door leaf or frame (in the area above the latch striker) are no longer required.

Escape door strikes

For many years, escape door strikes have been the favoured extra locking ele­ment for new doors. A modern alter­na­tive to this con­ven­tional solu­tion would be the use of an elec­tri­cally locking panic lock or touch bar.

Holding magnets

Besides the classic holding magnets with 5 kN holding force, BKS offers you attrac­tive and cons­ide­r­ably smaller pro­ducts with 2 kN holding force and EltVTR approval. A true alter­na­tive, especi­ally when it comes to upgra­ding doors.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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