Mor­tise Locks

For timber or steel doors

BKS mor­tise locks are desi­gned speci­fi­cally for timber or steel doors – with large back­sets and flat face­plates with rounded ends. The locks are perfectly comple­mented by appro­priate strikers and latch plates for the door frame. Per­formance features such as bur­glary pro­tec­tion, sui­tability for fire pro­tec­tion and escape doors, and pos­sible inte­g­ra­tion into access control sys­tems enable you to use BKS mor­tise locks for timber or steel doors in many areas.

Locks with panic func­tion – Series 21

Series 21 offer maximum secu­rity and func­tio­nality. These locks are VdS-approved, which makes them especi­ally sui­table for bur­glar-inhibiting doors. They also satisfy the per­formance criteria of fire pro­tec­tion and panic door locks.

Manual-locking locking sys­tems

Secu­rity at an attrac­tive price: our manual-locking BKS mor­tise locks will serve you well in many app­li­ca­tions – thanks to a variety of lock series, each of them with different per­formance features.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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