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For more than a cen­tury, we have been involved with pro­ducts and tech­no­logies, which most people have con­tact with quite natu­rally in eve­r­yday life, wit­hout being aware of their complex import­ance. In our capacity as deve­loper and manu­facturer, we offer system solu­tions for the ope­ning and moving, clo­sing and locking of win­dows and doors, as well as for the func­tional and secure manage­ment of buildings.


Our pro­ject consul­ting services for you

On request, we develop with you an individual facili­ties master plan that comprises eve­r­yt­hing from determi­ning all necessary func­tions right through to delivery to your cust­omer. We also cons­ider cross-func­tional inter­faces between different trades.

Of course, we pre­pare for you pro­ject-specific drawings, door lists, tenders and, if necessary, cable routing plans. If contra­dic­ting require­ments arise, we support you in finding the optimal solu­tion. Where necessary, we will develop tailor-made solu­tions or special con­struc­tions to fulfil the individual require­ments of your pro­ject. 

Bene­fits for you daily work
We not only pro­vide informa­tion on innova­tive pro­ducts but also on relevant stan­dards and direc­tives and their immediate con­sequence for contrac­tors during the plan­ning and building phase. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of semi­nars which can be held either at our premises or at yours.

Since builders prefer to con­vince them­selves of the func­tions and the quality of technical solu­tions on the building directly, we orga­nise and support complete on-site samplings and also pre­sent different system vari­ants and func­tions, if requested. Ano­ther way to expe­ri­ence our pro­ducts and sys­tems 'in real life' is to visit our reference pro­jects worldwide. Our con­tacts are at your dis­posal – in 35 coun­tries.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019

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