Door hinges

for pro­ject, main and secondary entrance doors

Not only the door con­struc­tion but also the door hinge design decisively con­t­ributes to the appearance of a door. GU offers hinge solu­tions ranging from roll-type hinges through to concealed hinges in various finishes.

The barrel hinge for commer­cial and residen­tial buildings

With a hinge roll dia­meter of just 22 mm, the GU R 816 3D barrel hinge meets the highest require­ments in terms of both func­tio­nality and design. It is sui­table for high-quality PVC doors wei­ghing up to 160 kg in commer­cial and residen­tial buildings.

Can reli­ably and con­tinuously with­stand high loads

Tested to hinge grade 14 in accor­dance with EN 1935, the screw-on hinges in the
GU G 81x series pro­vide excel­lent func­tio­nality for PVC doors wei­ghing up to 160 kg.

Concealed hinge tech­no­logy

Innova­tive tech­no­logy for innova­tive design – the hidden GU C 616-18 FD 3D CONCEALED allows for con­tem­porary linear design of timber doors wit­hout inter­rupting the clean lines of the door.

Secu­rity and design in perfect harmony

The GU door hinges GU M 516 3D and GU M 416 3D, which can be used on a range of folding timber door sys­tems, combine improved bur­glar resi­s­tance with an elegant appearance.

Quickly installed

Hinge series GU D 312, GU D 21x and GU D1xx have been speci­ally deve­loped for timber doors with low overlap heights.

Slender but strong

Hinges GU A 316 3D and GU A 312 3D can be used univer­sally for metal doors in commer­cial and residen­tial buildings. They pro­vide increased bur­glar resi­s­tance and are SKG-cer­ti­fied up to three stars.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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