Thres­holds for entrance doors

At GU you receive a broad range of thres­holds for entrance doors of timber or PVC. The thermally broken thres­holds reduce the heat flow at the bottom of your door ele­ment and help to save a cons­ide­rable amount of energy – even more so if their installa­tion is per­formed in compli­ance with the stan­dards. Not only are GU thres­holds real energy savers, they also feature stan­dard heights and are equally sui­table for new con­struc­tion and renova­tion.

Thermally broken thres­holds

If you intend to save energy, you should use GU system thres­holds to reduce the heat flow in the bottom area of the door. A choice of connec­tors and further access­o­ries enable you to imple­ment individual pro­file system-specific solu­tions.

Thermally insu­lated thres­holds

A thermally insu­lated HTS thres­hold pro­vides for a techni­cally cor­rect bottom clo­sure of an entrance door. Thanks to pro­file system-specific access­o­ries, the HTS thres­hold range allows for many different app­li­ca­tions.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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