Retrofittable secu­rity – made easy!

With tested pro­ducts of the GU group

With tested and certified products of the GU group, the retrofitting of windows and doors is 'guaranteed.'

The efficient, addi­tional secu­rity – we offer you a wide range of tested and cer­ti­fied pro­ducts:

  • Retrofit pro­ducts for win­dows and doors concealed in the rebate
    (DIN 18104-2) UNI-JET, Par­allel-Slide and Lift&Slide hard­ware
    - UNI-JET, Par­allel-Slide and Lift&Slide hard­ware
    - GU-SECURY X upgrade set for doors
  • Secu­rity hard­ware (DIN EN 1906)
    - BKS secu­rity hard­ware, secu­rity class 2
  • Pro­file cylinder (DIN 18252  /  EN 15684)
    - mecha­nical and mecha­tronic locking cylinders grades 1 and 2
  • Mor­tise locks / multi-point locks (DIN 18251)
    - Single-point locks grade 5, multi-point locks grade 3 and 4

The K-EINBRUCH (bur­glar-proof) Quality Seal of the Bava­rian State Criminal Police Office names Gretsch­-Unitas GmbH Baubeschläge und BKS GmbH as a manu­factu­ring company that pro­vides tested and cer­ti­fied bur­glar inhibi­tion pro­ducts.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019