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Airport, Münster Osn­a­b­rück, D

Architect: Dipl. Ing. Gabr. Willeke

The catch­ment area of the Münster/Osn­a­b­rück airport in which more than six mil­lion people live comprises, in addi­tion to the Münster­land (the city of Münster and environs), the nort­hern Ruhr region, south-west Lower Saxony through to the cen­tral Ems­land, as well as parts of the Nether­lands, the border region Twente, Acht­er­hoek (EUREGIO) and also some of the East Westphalia-Lippe.
The Münster/Osn­a­b­rück airport has two termi­nals which are connected to one ano­ther. The check-in facili­ties and arrivals area are on the ground floor. The first floor con­tains the flight departure and secu­rity check area, behind which are the upper gates. Gates A1 to A9, which are on the ground floor of Terminal I, can be rea­ched from here via a stair. The bag­gage claim area is on the ground floor. In addi­tion, the upper floor of the terminal con­tains some shops and restau­rants and a freely-acces­sible visitor ter­race.

GU solu­tion: large revolving doors that are desi­gned for airport use incorpo­ra­ting excep­tio­nally res­ilient stai­nless steel panel­ling for high volume of through traffic with lug­gage (stai­nless steel cover also for safety equip­ment, e.g. bumper strip). It has a dia­meter of 4.8 metres. The leaves can be easily folded back via the emergency release, which means the revolving door is sui­table for use in escape and rescue routes.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019