shopMaster GSW-A all-glass sliding wall

This all-glass sliding wall type is favoured thanks to the comfort and the crea­tive scope it offers, e.g. when intended for use as par­ti­tion or shop entrance. Its compact design requires only minimal space for run­ning track and parking niche. Featu­ring plastic-coated, ball bea­ring supported rol­lers, the state-of-the-art carriages gua­rantee reliable func­tio­ning as well as smooth and noi­seless panel move­ment throug­hout their service life. Thanks to the small run­ning track height of 86.5 mm, installa­tion flush with the ceiling is pos­sible almost eve­r­ywhere. The required floor guide pro­vides addi­tional stability and utmost con­ve­ni­ence to the user. In the event of a power failure, it is pos­sible to move the automatic all-glass sliding wall by hand.

Features and bene­fits pro­vided by
GSW-A shopMaster all-glass sliding walls from GU

  • Obst­acle reco­gni­tion
  • Dis­tance between moving panels adju­stable from 50 to 1500 mm
  • Ball bea­ring supported and plastic-coated high-quality carriages
  • Con­tinuous, safe floor guide
  • Panels movable by hand in the event of a power failure
  • Optio­nally with fully automatic wall cover for parked panels

Technical data

shopMaster GSW-A
Max. ele­ment height3500 mm
Max. ele­ment width1250 mm
Max. ele­ment weight150 kg
Max. number of ele­ments32
Pos­sible glass thick­nesses10 / 12 mm
Run­ning track ver­sionin-line, angled, curved
Speed50 – 150 mm/s

Language: English
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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