Secu­rity revolving doors and secu­rity curved sliding doors

The compact GU Group secu­rity revolving doors and secu­rity curved sliding doors gua­rantee reliable and comfor­table controlled phy­sical access, also wit­hout
surveil­lance per­sonnel. The compact design with ample glass ensures a feeling of light­ness, space, elegance and bright­ness. Posi­tive side effects are con­tinuous pro­tec­tion from noise and draughts. The doors are also extremely flexible, as they come in a wide range of mate­rials and sur­faces and can be easily adapted to access control sys­tems.


Security revolving door GSI

Security revolving door GSI Fabricated in accor­dance with your ideas, GU secu­rity revolving doors cons­ider the func­tions you desire in the same way as the building's architecture. In the ini­tial posi­tion, the secu­rity revolving door is locked by means of a motor-driven brake system. At busy times, the door can be used in con­tinuously revolving mode during which aut­ho­ri­sa­tion can be iden­ti­fied at each individual seg­ment of the door. Unaut­ho­rised per­sons are conducted out of the drum in the exit direc­tion.

GSI security curved sliding doors

GSI security curved sliding doors Access control not requi­ring more than a dia­me­tral space of one metre plus an overall translu­cent effect thanks to a high por­tion of glass – a GSI curved sliding door offers you true bene­fits. The pas­sage area is controlled by a 2-zone con­tact floor mat. In ini­tial posi­tion, the sliding panels are electrome­cha­ni­cally locked. If an aut­ho­rised user is iden­ti­fied through an access control system, the door opens automati­cally on one side. As soon as the user steps on the con­tact mat, the door will close again. After that the oppo­site sliding panel will open automati­cally to pro­vide access into the facility. If an unaut­ho­rised person enters the entrance zone, the control system prevents the other door from ope­ning. The entrance door then remains open until the person has left the entrance zone.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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