Con­struc­tion access­o­ries

Leave not­hing to chance, not even the selec­tion of your access­o­ries. The GU group offers you a broad selec­tion of all sorts of access­o­ries for the installa­tion of door hard­ware and for the fabrica­tion and installa­tion of doors.

Sealing sys­tems

Door sealing tapes and structural sealing pro­ducts from the GU group enable you to achieve a perfectly tight joint between structure and door. Of course, we also pro­vide pro­fes­sional advice with regard to the cur­rent regula­tions.

Building che­mi­cals

Here you will find a multitude of che­mical building pro­ducts needed for the fabrica­tion, installa­tion and sealing as well as the mai­n­tenance and inspec­tion of win­dows and doors. And also many items for energetic recon­struc­tion such as, e.g., insu­lants, sealants and adhesives.

Door gaskets

No energy effici­ency wit­hout tight doors: the GU group the­re­fore offers a new generation of gasket pro­files for many different door pro­file geo­me­tries.

Fas­te­ning tech­no­logy

The GU group offers you a broad selec­tion of modern fas­te­ning tech­no­logy pro­ducts. These include a variety of mecha­nical connec­tion solu­tions for a wide range of app­li­ca­tions. All pro­ducts comply with the cur­rent regula­tions and stan­dards.

Automatic door seals

Automatic door seals from the GU group perfectly seal the gap between door leaf and floor; they prevent draughts and keep out insects, dust and soil. The seals are sui­table for use with PVC, timber, or aluminium doors.

Gla­zing tech­no­logy

GU gla­zing tools and access­o­ries allow for pro­fes­sional glass sheet installa­tion even when the most demanding require­ments must be met. This is pos­sible, on the one hand, with tho­roughly selected and tested mate­rials and, on the other hand, with an exten­sive pro­duct range.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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