Master key sys­tems

With a master key system you can orga­nise differen­tiated access rights within a complex of buildings. The structural hier­archy within a company is often reflected by the structure of its master key system. Key holders can ope­rate many different locking cylinders with just one or a few keys. Apart from the comfort factor, secu­rity aspects are in the fore. This is why for BKS master key sys­tems high-quality key pro­files and tech­no­logi­cally mature cylinders are used exclusively. BKS master key sys­tems are tailor-made solu­tions manu­factured in accor­dance with the highest quality stan­dards. By choo­sing a master key system from BKS, you opt for a set of modern locking sys­tems with the most diverse func­tions and features. Sub­sequent upgrades are pos­sible due to the sys­tems' flexible design. Along with the out­standing quality of their mecha­nical, mecha­tronic, and elec­tronic cylinders, BKS offer a compre­hensive range of services in the field of plan­ning, admi­ni­s­t­ra­tion and orde­ring of dup­li­cate or repla­ce­ment keys.

Sui­table for hou­sing estates, private homes, and owner-occu­pied apart­ments

A cen­tral cylinder system ('Z' system) is the appro­priate solu­tion for residen­tial buildings. Depending on cust­omer require­ments, it con­sists of a random number of cylinders, identical or different ones. The key of each parti­cular cylinder addi­tio­nally locks at least one or more cen­tral cylinders.

For office buildings, factory premises or public facili­ties

A master key system ('HS' system) con­sists of many cylinders, each of them locking differ­ently. In principle, the keys allo­cated to a parti­cular cylinder never fit ano­ther cylinder. The master key is the only super­ordi­nate key controlling all cylinders of the installa­tion.

For admi­ni­s­t­ra­tion buildings, univer­si­ties or hotels

With a grand master key system ('GHS' system) you can estab­lish various different hier­archy and aut­ho­ri­sa­tion levels. The system con­sists of a random number of locking cylinders for different key bit­tings. Grouped in different hier­archy levels or locking groups. Includes a grand master key controlling all cylinders.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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