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Intel­ligent software­ solu­tions and online plat­forms ensure grea­test plan­ning secu­rity and con­ve­ni­ence. The web-based BKS software­ pro­vides round-the-clock services on 7 days a week and makes order handling easy. It also ensures faultless order trans­mis­sion, reduced lead times and up-to-date quo­ta­tion manage­ment. The con­tinuous deve­lop­ment and upgrade of these tools to the highest technical stan­dards gua­rantee perma­nent availability and ensure that cust­o­mers will gain the grea­test pos­sible benefit.

Master key system manage­ment

Benefit from a pro­fes­sional tool to admi­ni­s­t­rate your master key system with its mecha­nical, mecha­tronic and elec­tronic cylinders in an optimal manner: the BKS KeyManager sus­tain­ably facili­tates the admi­ni­s­t­ra­tion and pro­gramming of your installa­tion.

Master key system plan­ning

Are you a specia­list dealer sear­ching for a pro­fes­sional online plat­form to eco­no­mise your busi­ness pro­cesses? MasterKey­System from BKS is 'the' overall plan­ning and orde­ring plat­form for err­orless data trans­mis­sion, reduced lead times, and well-orga­nised cust­omer service.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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