BKS MasterKey­System

Master key system plan­ning

Order pro­ces­sing can be time-consuming and expensive, both for specia­list dealers and their cust­o­mers. In many cases, dup­li­cate key orders must be sent by ordi­nary mail because the order slip from the secu­rity card must be delivered in the original. Enquiry calls due to unre­a­dable faxes or photo­co­pies are no excep­tion. BKS offers a cost-effec­tive and time-saving solu­tion: its 'MKS' MasterKey­System is an internet-based plat­form especi­ally desi­gned for the plan­ning and orde­ring of master key sys­tems. The software­ was desi­gned to facili­tate the pro­ces­sing of master key system and registered key orders and to offer a maximum of comfor­table services. With MasterKey­System, BKS offers you a reliable tool to make order pro­ces­sing comfor­table, safe, fast and cost-effec­tive.

Features and bene­fits pro­vided by BKS MasterKey­System:

  • Quo­ta­tion module for new master key sys­tems and system exten­sions
  • Crea­tion of new master key sys­tems with all available cylinder pro­file sys­tems
  • Crea­tion of exten­sions of exis­ting master key sys­tems comprising all available pro­file sys­tems
  • Crea­tion of sub­sequent key orders for exis­ting master key sys­tems
  • Crea­tion of new sys­tems with registered key bit­tings comprising all pro­file sys­tems
  • Crea­tion of exten­sions for sys­tems with registered key bit­tings in all pro­file sys­tems
  • Free services:

    • Online locking schemes ready for download
    • Master key system data (KeyManager 3.0 and higher)
    • Key iden­ti­fica­tion
    • Key combi­na­tion record
    • Key labels

Addi­tional per­formance features:

  • Con­ve­nient, pass­word-pro­tected access via internet browser (with super­vi­sory func­tion)
  • No local installa­tion required
  • Clear and simple user inter­face
  • Perma­nent connec­tion to the GU group's internal sys­tems
  • Detailed informa­tion on exis­ting installa­tions
  • Inte­g­rated plausi­bility check tool for error elimi­na­tion

System require­ments:

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, or Firefox up to ver­sion 4.0
  • Magnetic card reader

Language: English
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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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