Over 100 years of innova­tion

GU History – Per­so­nages (from left to right): Hansy Maus, Johann Maus, Viktor Gretsch­GU History – Original premises in Stuttgart-FeuerbachGU History – Work­shop – Manu­facture of window stays, mis­cel­laneous fit­tings and pull-cord fan­light openersGU History – Important miles­tone in GU pro­duct deve­lop­ment: sliding door fit­tingsGU History – Trend-setter for plan­ners & builders: pro­duct cata­logue "The Modern Architect" (around 1930)BKS History – Paint shop, around 1910BKS History – Keymaker's work­shop, around 1910BKS History – Pres­sing plant, around 1910BKS History – Pro­duct history

In 1907, the imagi­na­tive engineer Viktor Gretsch­ started manu­factu­ring pull-cord fan­light openers, window stays and small fit­tings. Three years later he made the busi­nessman Johann Maus his partner and Managing Director. The des­cendants Julius Maus von Resch and Hans Maus advanced the enter­prise to an inter­na­tional company. Today, the Gretsch­-Unitas Group is managed by the brothers Julius and Michael von Resch in third generation. In the twen­ties and early thir­ties, the company deve­loped over 120 pat­ents and dis­tributed its successful pro­ducts throug­hout Europe. After diffi­cult times, the company was successfully recon­structed and relo­cated from Stuttgart to Ditzingen. In the mid seven­ties, the company expanded to a group: first, by acqui­ring FERCO, the French manu­facturer of architectural hard­ware, later through the acqui­si­tion of the leading lock brand BKS and by estab­lishing its own service pro­viders. Thus, a powerful group has emerged with compa­tible high-quality pro­ducts and services in the divi­sions win­dows, doors, entrance sys­tems and building manage­ment.

The Group in the course of time

1903    Boge & Kasten Solingen (BKS) company is estab­lished

1907    Viktor Gretsch­ founds the compa­nies Hermann Gretsch­ GmbH and
            UNITAS Metall­wa­ren­fa­brik

1910    Johann Maus becomes Managing Director and partner

1924    Gretsch­-Unitas applies for a patent for sliding door hard­ware

1938    BKS deve­lops the round cylinder which is still very common today

1975    Gretsch­-Unitas acquires shares of FERCO, France's largest manu­facturer
            of architectural hard­ware

1979    The GU-SECURY multi-point door lock is deve­loped

1981    AGENA GmbH is estab­lished (data pro­ces­sing)

1983    The group incorpo­rates BKS, Germany's best-known manu­facturer
            of locks, door clo­sers, master key sys­tems and panic locks

2000    Take­over of ela-soft, the deve­loper of the successful GEMOS­
            building manage­ment software­

2001    Incorpo­ra­tion of ATS GmbH (automatic entrance sys­tems) and
            Tür + Tor Service GmbH & Co. KG (today: GU Automatic GmbH and
            GU Service GmbH & Co. KG)

2001    Gretsch­-Unitas Logistik GmbH is estab­lished

2003    Brand with tra­di­tion: BKS GmbH 100 years

2006    BKS is awarded "German brand of the cen­tury"

2007    Brand with tra­di­tion: Gretsch­-Unitas GmbH Baubeschläge 100 years

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019