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Reference pro­jects

Ope­ning, moving, clo­sing, locking, secu­ring: the pro­ducts of the Gretsch­-Unitas Group are installed in buildings all over the world. Under the menu item "References" you will find reference pro­jects grouped in several building catego­ries. The items from our wide pro­duct range can be found in sky­scra­pers, private homes, architectural high­lights and in func­tional buildings.

Offices / Administration

Oval Office, Hamburg, D

The Oval Office is a spec­ta­cular office building with a floor area of 26,000 square metres for 1,200 employees was ...  

Shopping centres / Retail

Citygate in Vienna, Austria

A view as far as the horizon, silence and clean air: living in the city may comprise all of this. The Citygate Tower in ...  

Transportation / Industry

The Crystal

"The Cry­stal" urban deve­lop­ment centre in London sets architectural and technical stan­dards – parti­cularly ...  

Culture / Education

Tate Gallery of Modern Art, London, UK

The London Tate Gallery of Modern Art is the most visited museum of con­tem­porary art in the world. Its new structure is ...  

Hotels / Catering

Grand Hyatt, Chile

The Grand Hyatt San­tiago is cons­idered to be the most luxu­rious hotel in South Ame­rica. It is only 24 kilo­me­tres away ...  

Sport / Leisure

BallsportARENA, Dresden, D

Die Mul­tifunk­ti­onssport­halle am Ostra-Sport­park in Dresden wurde nach 18-mona­tiger Bau­zeit am 6. Mai 2017 eröffnet. ...  

Residential / Commercial buildings

Bosco Verticale, Milan, Italy

Bosco Verti­cale means 'vertical forest'. The building complex con­sisting of two residen­tial buildings with a height of ...  

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019