GU-823 and GU-923 Fold&Slide sys­tems


The Fold&Slide hard­ware types GU-823 (aluminium) and GU-923 (timber) open up new design pos­si­bili­ties. The high load-bea­ring capacity of the hard­ware allows a reduced number of individual sashes with larger glass sur­faces. The innova­tive bogie design offers unique run­ning smooth­ness. Fold&Slide ele­ments up to a width of 6700 mm and with individual sash weights of up to 130 kg can be moved sil­ently and with great ease.

Each folding sash can be equipped with a cen­tral locking system from our successful UNI-JET Tilt&Turn hard­ware range. Fold&Slide ele­ments the­re­fore obtain greater secu­rity and tight­ness.

Barrier-free connec­tion to the floor is pos­sible through the use of a GU system thres­hold.

All visible hard­ware compon­ents and covers are made of metal. Their modern design pro­vides an elegant and attrac­tive appearance.

Bottum-run­ning GU Fold&Slide hard­ware in detail:

  • For ele­ments with individual sash weights of up to 130 kg – ideal for even larger glass sur­faces that can be moved with fewer sashes.
  • In conjunc­tion with a GU system thres­hold sui­table for barrier-free con­struc­tion in accor­dance with DIN 18040
  • Enhanced bur­glar pro­tec­tion and greater tight­ness thanks to installa­tion of the UNI-JET cen­tral locking system on each individual sash
  • Plastic-coated and ball bea­ring supported rolls (6 bogie rolls at the bottom and 2 guide rolls at the top) ensure effortless and noi­seless ope­ra­tion even of heavy sashes
  • Sash hinges with vertical and horizontal adjust­ment pro­vide ideal installa­tion condi­tions
  • Metal cover caps with concealed fas­te­ning screws for the sash hinges
  • The ferGUard*silver sur­face sealing offers las­ting corro­sion pro­tec­tion

Technical data

Hard­ware ver­sionSash rebate width [mm]Sash rebate height [mm]Sash weight [kg]Ver­sion


500 – 1000851 – 23501303 to 7 sashes
500 – 1000*851 – 2350*80*3 to 7 sashes*
500 – 1000*851 – 2350*80*3 to 7 sashes*
* Depending on the pro­file system, the pro­file manu­facturer's speci­fica­tions may vary.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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