Lift&Slide hard­ware

As the market-leading innovator of the Lift&Slide ope­ning method, GU boasts an unrivalled range of Lift&Slide hard­ware offe­ring excel­lent ope­ra­ting comfort, reliable bur­glary pro­tec­tion, variable room ven­ti­la­tion, and ease of assembly. The hard­ware is sui­table for timber, PVC and aluminium win­dows and balcony-doors. We also offer an excep­tional night ven­ti­la­tion solu­tion, matching thres­holds and an optional sash speed limiter. What is more, our system solu­tions for Lift&Slide ele­ments fulfil the strict criteria of the German EnEV (energy saving) regula­tion already today.

Manu­ally ope­rated hard­ware

Our manu­ally ope­rated hard­wares come in a variant for sash weights of up to 150/300 kg and in a second variant for up to 300/400 kg. Even the heavy variant pro­vides smoothly run­ning sashes and can be ope­rated with minimum effort.

Motor-driven ope­ra­tion

Our con­ve­nient Lift&Slide hard­ware with elec­tro­ni­cally controlled motors and sen­sors not only boasts a very safe ope­ra­tion, but also comes in two vari­ants: you can choose between the unconcealed stan­dard system and the very elegant concealed ver­sion.


GU offers you ver­sa­tile thres­hold solu­tions. GU-thermostep, for instance, helps you to save energy: requi­ring only a small number of compon­ents, the modular thres­hold system allows for individual pro­file-related system solu­tions.

GU-installa­tion set for
Lift&Slide ele­ments

The sealing kit and pro­file exten­sion compon­ents have been perfectly harmo­nised to pro­duce a complete system – Gretsch­-Unitas the­re­fore not only satisfies all energy saving criteria defined in the relevant regula­tions, but also satisfies the need for a high degree of living comfort.

Lift&Slide ven­ti­la­tion module

If you are interested in a Lift&Slide ele­ment pro­viding efficient room ven­ti­la­tion and bur­glary pro­tec­tion at the same time, then GU has a fine solu­tion for you: our RC 2-tested Lift&Slide hard­ware including night ven­ti­la­tion module with insect mesh inside can be installed in various pro­file sys­tems.

HS-SPEED Limiter

The HS-SPEED Limiter stops the sash from accele­ra­ting during ope­ning and clo­sing, thus preven­ting damage to the structure and ensu­ring ope­ra­ting safety especi­ally for children. The HS-SPEED Limiter is sui­table for timber, PVC, and aluminium Lift&Slide ele­ments.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Designation File size Download
Architectural hardware for timber windows and balcony-doors 112,1 MB Download
Builder's hardware for aluminium windows and patio doors 93,3 MB Download
Lift&Slide hardware for timber elements 11,8 MB Download
Lift&Slide hardware for aluminium elements 6,4 MB Download
The UNI-JET Tilt&Turn hardware range single pages (with navigation) 34,2 MB Download
The UNI-JET Tilt&Turn hardware range 33,8 MB Download
Designation File size Download
GU-thermostep 204 threshold for Lift&Slide elements 1,7 MB Download
The Lift&Slide hardware range 3,4 MB Download
HS ePOWER – the Lift&Slide door 584,7 KB Download
Product programme 6,3 MB Download
Designation File size Download
WP00429-00-1-2 Ganzglasfestfeld – Panoramaverglasung für Hebeschiebeelemente 10-19 DEU 430,9 KB Download
Designation File size Download
The structural connection concept for GU-thermostep threshold 527,1 KB Download
HS ePower - the Lift@Slide door 581,3 KB Download
HS SilentClose soft-close damper for Lift&Slide elements 589,0 KB Download
Tension spring for Lift&Slide gear and handle damper 566,3 KB Download
GU-thermostep for Lift&Slide elements with panoramic glazing 422,0 KB Download
Pre-assembled GU-thermostep threshold for Lift&Slide elements 605,4 KB Download
HS SilentClose soft-close damper for Lift&Slide elements 580,8 KB Download