Par­allel-Slide hard­ware
GU-966 (timber / PVC) and GU-968 (aluminium)

The new hard­ware combi­na­tion prevents mishandling

GU-968/200 Parallel-Slide hardware system

Larger pas­sage widths, greater ope­ra­tional safety, greater con­ve­ni­ence

The mecha­nics of the Par­allel-Slide hard­ware system itself ensures appro­priate ope­ra­tion and safe use of the door. This prevents damage to the hard­ware, the ele­ment and the structure.

Thanks to the innova­tive combi­na­tion of newly deve­loped scissor sliders with ball bea­ring supported rolls mounted at the top of the sash and the proven, high-quality Tilt&Slide bogies installed at the bottom, the sash slides gently and preci­sely into its open or closed posi­tion.

Gretsch­-Unitas Par­allel-Slide hard­ware ensures long-las­ting use due to its precise func­tio­nality, and also satisfies the individual require­ments of users in terms of comfort and safety.

Allowing for sash widths of up to 2000 mm and sash weights of up to 200 kg, the GU-966/200 (timber/PVC) and GU-968/200 (aluminium) Par­allel-Slide hard­ware sys­tems are the ideal solu­tion for win­dows and balcony-doors in pro­jects.

Features and bene­fits pro­vided by the GU-966 / GU-968 Par­allel-Slide hard­ware sys­tems:

  • The different cli­matic condi­tions in the summer and winter frequently lead to changes in the locking cam set­tings. The self-adjusting CLEVERLE mushroom cam automati­cally adapts to the varying rebate clearances. This signi­fi­cantly reduces the need for adjust­ment during fabrica­tion and thereafter.
  • The UNI-JET cen­tral locking system features a mishandling device as stan­dard
  • GU Par­allel-Slide hard­ware enables the fabrica­tion of ele­ments with sash weights of up to 200 kg and sash widths of up to 2000 mm

Technical data

App­li­ca­tion range

Free space on frame [mm]

Sash rebate width [mm]Sash rebate height [mm]Max. sash weight [kg]

Timber / PVC

GU-966/15038640 – 2000730 – 2350200


640 – 2000

730 – 2350200
GU-968/15038600 – 2000730 – 2400200
GU-968/20043600 – 2000730 – 2400200

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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