Door hard­ware

Whe­ther for timber, steel, aluminium, PVC, or glass doors – the exten­sive BKS hard­ware range surely offers the right pro­duct for your parti­cular app­li­ca­tion. As market leader in the panic lock sector, we natu­rally offer you a broad selec­tion of appro­priate push bars and touch bars in compli­ance with EN 1125. Likewise, we pro­vide secu­rity hard­ware for extra high secu­rity require­ments on apart­ment entrance doors and pro­ject doors. If you have any ques­tions on a pro­duct or its app­li­ca­tion, just ask us.

For timber or steel doors

For timber and steel doors you receive speci­fi­cally desi­gned door hard­ware coming with rosettes, short back­plates or long back­plates in all kinds of finishes. With per­formance features such as bur­glar inhibi­tion or fire and escape door sui­tability, BKS door hard­ware pro­ducts are usable for many app­li­ca­tions.

For aluminium or PVC doors

This BKS hard­ware range is speci­ally desi­gned to meet the require­ments of aluminium or PVC narrow stile doors: for the slim, differ­ently rein­forced pro­files we offer a broad selec­tion of hard­ware pro­ducts – on request also for addi­tional require­ments such as enhanced bur­glar inhibi­tion, fire pro­tec­tion or escape door sui­tability.

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Impressionen von der Fensterbau 2018
Impressionen von der Fensterbau 2018