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Beauty Crown Hotel, China

Architect: Khuan Chew, IBM, Dak­t­ro­nics, KCA

From a dis­tance, the seven-star hotel looks like green trees made of Lego bricks, with brown bran­ches and roots and red fruits. Each of the nine "trees" is 100 metres high, and toge­ther they accom­mo­date 6,668 luxury-class hotel rooms and shops, restau­rants, bars and culture cen­tres. The sprawling structure of the trees pro­duces twice the space than could be expected from the size of their ground area. 
The luxury hotel attracts both tou­rists and busi­ness people. It is located on an island in a favoured coa­stal region in the South of China, surrounded by moun­tains and rivers with yacht marinas.

Gretsch­-Unitas supplied 9,000 Lift&Slide doors for this extra­ordi­nary and multi-awarded building.

Language: English
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019