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Hotel Milenij, Opa­tija, Croatia

Architect: Carl Seidl

The hotel's history goes way back. The his­toric villa of the Miljenij hotel was desi­gned by the Aus­trian architect Carl Seidl as an annexe to the exis­ting building and erected in 1908. It used to be a favou­rite desti­na­tion for Euro­pean kings and the Austro-Hunga­rian ari­s­to­cracy. At the begin­ning of 2016, the hotel's his­toric villa was comple­tely refur­bished under the strict condi­tions of the res­to­rers.
The five-star hotel is located in the town centre of Opa­tija right by the sea. The 102 classy and luxury hotel rooms and suites invite guests to enjoy a holiday in a laid-back atmos­phere.
Pri­ma­rily during the summer months, nume­rous music and theatre events take place on the Adria ter­race to con­tinue the place's tra­di­tion as a venue for sple­ndid fes­tivals since the 1920s.

Fold&Slide doors using hard­ware from Gretsch­-Unitas create an ambi­ence suffused with light and pro­vide for maximum ope­ning widths for comfor­table pas­sage between inside and outside.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019