econoMaster EM/EM-F in-line sliding door

Eco­nomic, reliable, fast, quiet, assembly-fri­endly – while boas­ting these attributes, this automatic sliding door suits almost any case of app­li­ca­tion. Whe­ther your door assembly con­sists only of drive and sliding panels or of addi­tional side or over­panels, GU Automatic offer you installa­tion, commis­sio­ning, and mai­n­tai­nance at your request. The tried and tested tech­nique of using 2 wheels and one counter wheel per bogie gua­ran­tees high cycle numbers and little wear. More­over, the drives are cer­ti­fied to DIN 18650 and type-tested by TÜV, thus complying with the cur­rent stan­dards and regula­tions.

Features and bene­fits pro­vided by econoMaster EM/EM-F
in-line sliding doors from GU:

  • Redun­dant drive (econoMaster EM-F) with 2 motors for escape and rescue routes
  • Matured and well-tried mecha­nics
  • Fast ope­ning speed of up to 0.9 m/s
  • Clear and simple ope­ra­tion
  • Door locking ele­ment inte­g­rated in the bogie
  • Self-lear­ning control system with many connec­tion and adjust­ment options

Technical data

Type of driveeconoMaster EMeconoMaster EM-F
Sui­table for use in escape and rescue routes
Height of drive130 mm130 mm
Door panel weightmax. 130 kgmax. 130 kg
Clearance width

800 – 2000 mm
800 – 3000 mm

800 – 2000 mm
800 – 3000 mm
Ope­ning speedmax. 0.7 m/smax. 0.9 m/s

Language: English
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Designation File size Download
Product line: sliding doors, swing-door drives, revolving doors, all-glass sliding walls 9,9 MB Download
Product programme 6,3 MB Download
DIN 18650: Automatic door systemsSuitable for barrier-free construction in compliance with DIN 18040