'GEMOS­ access' networked access control system

The access control system 'GEMOS­ access' offers you the pos­si­bility to network all elec­tronic compon­ents on a door. The network allows for the intel­ligent eva­lua­tion of all door statuses and to control the different door compon­ents accordingly.

What is GEMOS­ access?

With GEMOS­ access you receive an access control system con­sisting of mutually compa­tible compon­ents: from card reader, door compon­ents and door module installed on the door through to controller and server.

Hard­ware compon­ents

The system hard­ware of GEMOS­ access con­sists of several modular compon­ents which you can compose and extend to meet your parti­cular require­ments.


As for access control sys­tems, you will never find a greater connec­tivity than that of GEMOS­ access. For the software­ basis is identical with that of the market-leading GEMOS­ building manage­ment system.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019