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Oval Office, Hamburg, D

Oval Office in Hamburg
Oval Office in Hamburg Oval Office in Hamburg

Architect: nps tchoban voss, Hamburg

The Oval Office is a spec­ta­cular office building with a floor area of 26,000 square metres for 1,200 employees was completed on the site at the Über­see­ring in Hamburg in 2004 which has an area of 14,000 square metres.

The oval form forms an eye-catching building with a sig­nalling effect. Seven sepa­ra­tely desi­gned internal cour­tyards are grouped in dual compart­ments round the inner seven storey oval.

The Oval Office was desi­gned by the Hamburg architects nps tchoban voss. It was planned as an urban gateway to Hamburg City North.

GU solu­tion: the architects used the tried-and-tested automati­cally locking BKS panic locks, panic exit devices to EN 1125 and escape door control sys­tems for the master key system and door solu­tions for escape and rescue routes

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019