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Uni­Credit Bank Aus­tria, Salzburg

Architect: Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Pessl, Salzburg

Bank Aus­tria has been a member of Uni­Credit since 2005. The exten­sive network of around 170 bran­ches employs roughly 7000 members of staff.

In mid-2013, the Aus­trian sub­sidiary of Uni­Credit took the deci­sion to refur­bish the branch network - an invest­ment of over €100 mil­lion. As well as purely self-service bran­ches and flagship loca­tions, cer­tain bran­ches were iden­ti­fied that were to be moder­nised. These “new-style bran­ches” offer the cust­omer “a new dimen­sion of banking” – with innova­tive tech­no­logy and a comple­tely new service concept, as well as an open design and con­tem­porary architecture.

This was imple­mented in the Salzburg branch using floor-to-ceiling glass walls that sepa­rate the self-service area from the cashiers while retai­ning the open and trans­pa­rent aes­thetic. During the bank's ope­ning hours, the glass walls can be automati­cally retracted so that the space is comple­tely open. Here, the sashes are parked in two sepa­rate areas in a space-saving arrange­ment. They have been expertly adapted to fit with the exis­ting architecture. This solu­tion was put in place by our long­standing partner, Weissofner Glas + Metall in Schwarzach.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019