shopMaster GSW-M all-glass sliding wall

These sliding wall sys­tems are ide­ally suited for the crea­tion of individual room par­ti­tions or shop fronts inside shopping cen­tres. According to require­ments, the sliding sys­tems are available in in-line, curved or seg­mented design. The glass panels can be arranged in a variety of ways by hand, a floor guide is not needed. The system's compact design requires only minimal space for run­ning track and parking niche. High-quality carriages with ball bea­ring supported rol­lers ensure perma­nently reliable ope­ra­tion and smooth motion during ope­ning and clo­sing. The use of Swing&Slide panels equipped with a door closer is just one way of pro­viding variable pas­sages.

Features and bene­fits pro­vided by
GSW-M shopMaster all-glass sliding walls from GU

  • Modular design with pre­fa­bricated func­tion ele­ments
  • Swing&Slide panel sui­table for use with a door lock from the PRIME OFFICE series
  • Ball bea­ring supported and plastic-coated high-quality carriages
  • Two-part run­ning track allows flexible crea­tion of curves
  • No con­tinuous floor guide required

Technical data

shopMaster GSW-M
Max. ele­ment height3500 mm
Max. ele­ment width1250 mm
Max. ele­ment weight150 kg
Pos­sible glass thick­nesses10 / 12 mm
Run­ning track ver­sionin-line, angled, seg­mented, curved

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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