Floor springs

Sophisticated design from the ground up: all-glass doors in parti­cular, but also any other single or double action swing door can be equipped with a GU floor spring in a design-adequate manner. Thanks to ver­sa­tile adjust­ments and installa­tion pos­si­bili­ties, the floor springs are sui­table for many door situa­tions. Hardly noti­ceable, they lend the door an appealing look. With their small installa­tion height and exchangeable pivot axles including axle exten­sions, the floor springs can be used with many kinds of floor structures and floo­rings. There is scope for longitudinal, lateral and vertical adjust­ment between hou­sing and cement case, which facili­tates door assembly. They can also be used with 2-leaf doors, as there are vari­ants with built-in door leaf coordi­nator controlling the clo­sing sequence of active and pas­sive leaf.

Over­view of GU floor springs:

TypeUTS 85 HFUTS 85 FUTS 85 FEUTS 85 FLUTS 60UTS 50UTS 42UTS 840
Width of 1-leaf door in mm140014001400140011009501100



Door leaf width in mm

Smoke and fire pro­tec­tion doors
Max. door leaf weight (kg)300300300300170120120120
Double-action swing door
Adjust­ment func­tions
Clo­sing force values according to EN 11542 – 63 – 63 – 63 – 6431 – 43/4
Clo­sing speed
Door latching speed
Delayed clo­sing action
1) Size 3 = 1000 mm / size 4 = 1100 mm

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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CE markingApproved for use on fire and smoke protection doors