Ausschreibungs­Manager for tenders

Con­struc­tion ten­de­ring pro­gramme comprising all pro­ducts of the GU Group

The Ausschreibungs­Manager is a highly con­ve­nient and effec­tive tool for the fast generation of complete BOQs and tender texts comprising all GU group pro­ducts. The tenders can be com­mu­nicated digi­tally.

The inte­g­rated GAEB import func­tion enables ongoing tenders to be inte­g­rated and edited online.

Per­formance features

  • Con­ve­nient, pass­word-pro­tected access via internet browser – no local installa­tion required
  • Format-con­sis­tent data exchange according to the GAEB stan­dard
  • GEAB import func­tion  for uploads into Ausschreibungs­Manager
  • Visuali­sa­tion of imported tenders with GAEB viewer
  • Free use with no time limit
  • Edi­tion of imported GAEB files
  • Stan­dard item, basic item, note text, alter­na­tive item
  • Efficient BOQ editing
  • Long text / short text
  • Con­sis­tent support of the ten­de­ring pro­cess
  • Drag and drop of text blocks and BOQ texts
  • Full-func­tion ten­de­ring pro­gramme
  • Free text field for individual descrip­tions
  • Generation of BOQs comprising all pro­duct divi­sions of the GU Group
  • Shopping cart func­tion for the collec­tion of tender texts
  • Item text area with pro­duct photos and sket­ches
  • Output in Word / Excel / Gaeb81 / Gaeb82 / Text

System require­ments

  • Internet connec­tion
  • Internet browser (from Internet Explorer 6.0)

Language: English
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019

If you have any ques­tions regarding our Ausschreibungs­Manager system, please con­tact us at: