Pro­duct con­figu­rator for window and door hard­ware and automatic entrance sys­tems

Deve­loped on the basis of practical entry para­me­ters, the con­fiGU­rator pro­gramme serves to com­pile hard­ware sets and create parts lists. Based on the window and door speci­fica­tions of the parti­cular pro­ject (e.g., ele­ment shape, pro­file system, colour, bur­glar resi­s­tance grade), a techni­cally cor­rect parts list is gene­rated within seconds.


  • Crea­tion of hard­ware sets and parts lists
  • Crea­tion of order lists and technical parts lists including CAD assembly drawings
  • Quo­ta­tions based on cur­rent condi­tions and cata­logue prices with pro­fes­sional prin­ting lay­outs
  • Con­ve­nient orde­ring through inte­g­ra­tion into CIS (Cust­omer Informa­tion System)

Per­formance features

  • Con­ve­nient, pass­word-pro­tected access via internet browser – no local installa­tion required
  • Data calcula­tion based on cur­rent prices, condi­tions and the state of the art
  • Con­figu­ra­tion of special ele­ment shapes
  • Con­figu­ra­tion of timber, steel and narrow stile panic doors, fire pro­tec­tion doors and multi-point-locked doors in accor­dance with EN 179 and EN 1125
  • Pro­file-specific hard­ware vari­ants for the market-leading pro­file sys­tems are cons­idered
  • Individual quo­ta­tion and address manage­ment
  • Mul­tilingual user inter­face
  • Use of country-specific hard­ware con­figu­ra­tions

System require­ments

  • Internet connec­tion
  • Internet browser (from Internet Explorer 7.0 or Mozilla Firefox 3)

Language: English
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019

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