Elec­tronic connec­tion to ERP sys­tems

Optimised inter­faces allowing for efficient order pro­ces­sing with the cust­omer's own mate­rials manage­ment system

The optimi­sa­tion of internal busi­ness pro­cesses by means of intel­ligent software­ solu­tions (ERP sys­tems) has become stan­dard today. However, busi­ness pro­cesses reach beyond the bounda­ries of an enter­prise.

The GU Group supports its cust­o­mers in optimising their busi­ness pro­cesses from orde­ring through to invoicing.

What is more, we offer ver­sa­tile options to realise elec­tronic order pro­ces­sing with the cust­omer's own software­ pro­grammes. The most efficient method is ascer­tained in the course of a cust­omer-specific pro­ject cycle before it is pur­po­sefully inte­g­rated into the orde­ring pro­cess.

Per­formance features


  • Complete handling of the digital value-added chain from order through to invoice
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Reduced mate­rial plan­ning effort
  • Elimi­na­tion of entry errors
  • Reduced sourcing times
  • Order pro­ces­sing around the clock
  • Manifold data transfer options according to cust­omer require­ments (http, ftp, e-mail, transfer manager, etc.)

System require­ments


  • The cust­omer's software­ must be able to create order files
  • PC with internet connec­tion

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019

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