Hard­ware data service

Pro­vi­sion of hard­ware data

The Gretsch­-Unitas Group supplies individual data­base files for automated window fabrica­tion cust­omised to the require­ments of individual pro­jects. The data­base files are gene­rated according to our order cata­logues or in compli­ance with the fabricator's individual request. As a result, the cust­omer rece­ives pro­ject-related data including commer­cial details and CNC data for the leading window and door fabrica­tion pro­grammes.

Commer­cial data pro­vided:


  • Articles and single hard­ware compon­ents
  • Article numbers
  • Article descrip­tions
  • Pro­duct groups / discount groups
  • Gross prices

Technical (CNC) data pro­vided:


  • Length of compon­ents
  • Cut­ting dimen­sions
  • Locking cam posi­tions
  • Screw hole posi­tions
  • Posi­tion of connected compon­ents
  • Pro­vi­sion of single compo­nent drawings and complete installa­tion drawings in PDF format or DXF format for CAD pro­grammes

Hard­ware sets:


  • Determi­na­tion of compon­ents required per hard­ware set; pro­vi­sion of formulas to calculate the quan­tity of compon­ents depending on the ele­ment size
  • Pro­vi­sion of options within gene­rated hard­ware sets depending on the fabrica­tion software­
  • Determi­na­tion of the compon­ents' moun­ting posi­tion and moun­ting sequence plus data transfer to machi­ning cen­tres including data-driven machi­ning job iden­ti­fica­tion

Language: English
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019

If you have any ques­tions regarding our hard­ware data service, please con­tact us at: