Special designs tailored to individual require­ments

Special designs tailored to individual requirements

Gretsch­-Unitas deve­lops innova­tive, mecha­nical or elec­tro­ni­cally controlled ope­ning sys­tems for building contrac­tors who expect that special extra and for architects with vision. The scope of services also includes the deve­lop­ment of a hard­ware solu­tion and, if required, testing and endurance testing on test win­dows, and pro­ject manage­ment. The diverse number of pro­jects with Gretsch­-Unitas special hard­ware solu­tions pays proof to the com­pe­tence of our experts. The same solu­tions can be applied to win­dows made of aluminium, steel, timber or PVC.

Sophisticated facade solu­tions, also using stan­dard hard­ware


Whe­ther in London, Sin­g­apore, New York, Zürich, Ist­anbul or Taipei: exclusive apart­ments in the world's metro­polises are high up in the sky. Sky­scra­pers have been changing from the domain of exclusive offices to that of the noble private address for some time now. These are not any old 20-storey block of flats, but rather intel­ligent one-off designs by famous inter­na­tional architects.
Buildings of this kind need to have facades of a cor­respondingly elabo­rate design. Their form and func­tion can be imple­mented thanks to the unusual exper­tise from Gretsch­-Unitas. This is because experts take pro­ject-related special parts deve­loped exclusively for individual pro­jects as innova­tive enginee­ring work and combine them with ele­ments from the tried-and-tested GU assort­ment. In this way, the require­ments for novel ope­ning types and shapes of win­dows can be met whilst retai­ning unique aes­thetic appeal, while the costs for the fabricator remain totally com­pe­ti­tive. At the same time, the architect's require­ment for automated or manual ope­ra­tion is taken into account. In this exclusive seg­ment, the range of services extends from technical plan­ning and design through to pro­duc­tion of the special parts and handling of the pro­ject toge­ther with cust­o­mers all over the world.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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