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Hafen­spitze, Düs­seldorf, D

One of the tallest revolving doors in Europe, Hafenspitze office building
Hafenspitze office building
Interior view of Hotel Hyatt 
External view of Hotel Hyatt

Architect: JSK Architekten / SOP-Architekten, Düs­seldorf

The tip of the Spedi­ti­ons­straße pen­insula in the Düs­seldorf Media Harbour was desi­gned by local ar­chitects JSK. The eye-catching building complex which includes a 5 star hotel was completed at the end of 2010.

The roughly 55 metre high fully glazed building has two towers. In order to express the different func­tions on the exte­rior, the two more or less identi­cally desi­gned buildings can­tilever six­teen metres in oppo­sing direc­tions from the sixth storey upwards. The form which is based on old harbour cranes is not only a striking architectural climax to the building pro­ject on the narrow pen­insula, it also echoes the indu­s­trial history of the area.

The tower which faces north-west pro­vides office space on 17 floors. The other tower con­tains the Hyatt Regency Hotel which has more than 300 rooms and faces south-east to the old town and commer­cial harbour.

GU solu­tion: the revolving door in the office building with an overall height of 7.86 metres is one of the tal­lest in Europe and pre­sented a parti­cular structural challenge. The clearance height is 4.24 metres above which a glass cylinder is placed.

Revolving door in office tower: type GRA special compo­nent, fully automatic, clearance height 4,350 mm, glass cylinder above revolving door, thus obtai­ning an overall height of 7,860 mm, gla­zing made of lami­nated sheet safety glass - Parsol grey glass

Revolving door for Hyatt: type GRA special compo­nent, fully automatic, clearance height 3,750 mm, concealed canopy cover inte­g­rated into the sus­pended ceiling of the building, incl. air cur­tain system

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019