GRA stan­dard revolving door

With the GRA stan­dard revolving door type allowing for many different styles, dimen­sions, and func­tions, it is a pleasure to design a pres­tigious building entrance that pro­tects the inte­rior against draft and noise. A GRA door assembly can be ope­rated manu­ally, semi-automati­cally with Push & Go func­tion, or automati­cally with radar activa­tion sen­sors. The drum walls may be desi­gned with glass but also with heat-insu­lated panels of sheet metal. Regard­less of which options you choose, user safety is always the top prio­rity.

The semi-automatic or automatic revolving door is cer­ti­fied to DIN 18650 and type-tested by TÜV, thus complying with the cur­rent stan­dards and regula­tions.

Features and bene­fits pro­vided by
GRA stan­dard revolving doors from GU:

  • Turn­stile made of glass framed with slim aluminium pro­files
  • Folding mecha­nism for summer posi­tion
  • Automatic or manual night locking
  • Electrome­cha­nical locking ele­ment on the turn­stile and/or mecha­nical locking with shoot bolts locks
  • Push & Go func­tion can be activated

Technical data

GRA stan­dard revolving door
Inte­rior dia­metre1800 – 3800 mm
Canopy height, manual / in-floor drivemin. 100 mm
Canopy height, automatic / semi-automaticmin. 175 mm
Number of panels3 or 4
Manual night locking
Automatic night locking

Language: English
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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DIN 18650: Automatic door systems