Sliding doors

For the imple­menta­tion of automated building entrances, GU Automatic offer you a ver­sa­tile range of sliding doors: straight slimline ones, extra stylish curved ones, or space-saving tele­scopic assemblies. Regard­less of whe­ther type-tested escape route sliding doors or the more eco­nomic sliding door vari­ants are con­cerned – safety and secu­rity are the top prio­rity at GU. Not only can you trust in the doors' top quality and appealing design, but also in their safe and reliable func­tion.

compactMaster CM/CM-F in-line sliding door

Greater per­formance with a slen­de­rised design. With its "true" height of merely 100 mm, the drive unit comple­tely absorbs the upper panel pro­file and beautifully harmo­nises with your architecture.

compactMaster CM/CM-F WK2 in-line sliding door

The compactMaster in WK2 (RC 2) ver­sion combines bur­glar pro­tec­tion and filigree appearance.

econoMaster EM/EM-F in-line sliding door

This eco­nomic door system pro­vides a whole bundle of con­vincing advan­tages: fast ope­ning, smooth and quiet run­ning, easy installa­tion, and reliable func­tion.

heavyMaster HM/HM-F in-line sliding door

This heavy-duty door type copes with large panel sizes and weights (up to 200 kg per panel) as easily as with very high visitor frequencies.

GS-100 in-line sliding door

Focusing on essen­tial func­tions has made it pos­sible to pro­duce the highest quality at an optimum price-per­formance ratio. The pre­as­sembled, plug & play drive unit acco­unts for the sliding door's eco­nomic effici­ency.

HM-F FT escape route sliding door

The first and only escape route sliding door which has been type-tested in accor­dance with the con­f­li­c­ting direc­tives AutSchR and EltVTR. It gua­ran­tees a clear escape route both during the day and in the 'OFF/NIGHT' ope­ra­ting mode.

econoMaster EMT/EMT-F tele­scopic sliding door

Coming with 2 or 4 panels, the tele­scopic sliding door type is the ideal choice when it comes to achieving maximum clearance widths with limited space condi­tions.

compactMaster CMR/CMR-F curved sliding door

In order to leave you the largest pos­sible scope to imple­ment your crea­tive ideas, we fabricate curved sliding doors exactly to your individual speci­fica­tions.

compactMaster CMW/CMW-F prismatic sliding door

If the entrance to your building is located at a corner, a prismatic sliding door will dove­tail with the adja­cent walls perfectly, thus pro­ducing an excep­tional visual effect.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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