compactMaster CMW/CMW-F prismatic sliding door

An excep­tional sliding door to give your entrance area an individual touch. Any angle between 90° and 179° is pos­sible. A sensor strip safe­guards the main clo­sing edge in compli­ance with DIN 18650. The "true" drive height is 100 mm, that is the door panel's upper pro­file is absorbed by the drive and concealed from below by the cover. This prismatic sliding door allows to imple­ment a filigree entrance solu­tion also in corner situa­tions.

Features and bene­fits pro­vided by compactMaster CMW/CMW-F
prismatic sliding doors from GU:

  • Redun­dant drive (compactMaster CMW-F) with 2 motors for escape and rescue routes
  • Great run­ning smooth­ness thanks to wheels with exchangeable rubber coa­ting
  • "True" height of drive: 100 mm
  • Fast ope­ning speed of up to 0.9 m/s
  • Clear and simple ope­ra­tion
  • Door locking ele­ment inte­g­rated in the bogie
  • Self-lear­ning control system with many connec­tion and adjust­ment options

Technical data

Type of drivecompactMaster CMWcompactMaster CMW-F
Sui­table for use in escape and rescue routes
Height of drive100 mm100 mm
Door panel weightmax. 100 kgmax. 100 kg
Clearance width

900 – 2000 mm

900 – 2000 mm
Ope­ning speedmax. 0.7 m/smax. 0.9 m/s

Language: English
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Designation File size Download
Product line: sliding doors, swing-door drives, revolving doors, all-glass sliding walls 9,9 MB Download
Product programme 6,3 MB Download
DIN 18650: Automatic door systemsAutSchR: German directive on automatic doors in rescue routesSuitable for barrier-free construction in compliance with DIN 18040