Door closer

If you are familiar with door clo­sers, you will quickly conclude that with GU pro­ducts, it's quality that counts. The clo­sing action is controlled hydrau­li­cally. Clo­sing force and clo­sing speed can be adjusted depending on the door leaf size and weight.

The ver­sa­tile range of GU door clo­sers comprises overhead door clo­sers and floor springs as well as special solu­tions for hold-open sys­tems for 1-leaf and 2-leaf doors for stan­dard and highly sophisticated building concepts. One more thing, GU door clo­sers don't just work safely and reli­ably, are also nice to look at!

Sur­face-mounted overhead door clo­sers
with slide rail

The pos­sible app­li­ca­tions for overhead door clo­sers are as diverse as the func­tions of the doors them­selves. The new OTS 73x series covers all app­li­ca­tions with its innova­tive modular system.

Concealed door closer

The concealed door clo­sers empha­sise clear architectural lines and offer the same degree of secu­rity and func­tio­nality as the face-fixed overhead door clo­sers by GU Group.

Sur­face-mounted overhead door closer with scissor-action arm

The easy-to-assemble GU scissor-arm clo­sers are desi­gned for 1-leaf doors and come in various sizes. Some types are also sui­table for use on fire and smoke pro­tec­tion doors.

Floor springs

GU floor springs dis­cre­tely disappear in the floor. This con­ve­nient closer type comes in many vari­ants for a wide range of doors.

Hold-open sys­tems in accor­dance with
EN 1155

Con­ve­nient access in eve­r­yday life – controlled safety in the event of a fire. With GU hold-open sys­tems, door leaves can be kept perma­nently in the open posi­tion, then released to close automati­cally in the event of a fire.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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