Escape door system solu­tions

In order to ensure safe and secure escape routes, the GU group pro­duct range offers you the pos­si­bility to compose innova­tive system solu­tions with a perfect inter­play of func­tions. All pro­ducts are easy to install and commis­sion – from panic locks (mecha­nical, mecha­tronic, motor-driven or radio-controlled) through to escape door termi­nals with elec­trical locking sys­tems and escape sliding door assemblies.

Escape door secu­rity

Per­sonal safety in the event of an emergency plus perma­nent pro­perty secu­rity – achieved with escape door pack­ages con­sisting of an escape door terminal and elec­trical locking sys­tems.

BKS-NET tablet system / system software­

If you want to control doors from a cen­tral place (e.g. a recep­tion area) and visualise their func­tional statuses, the BKS-NET tablet system or the BKS-NET system software­ will be a tre­men­dous help.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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