Terms of use for downloads

1. The download area pro­vides con­t­ents created by the Gret­sch­-Unitas Group. All mate­rial made available for download is sub­ject to copy­right pro­tec­tion and pro­tected by German and inter­na­tional trade­mark, copy­right and data­base right laws.

All data made available for download by the Gretsch­-Unitas Group are sub­ject to the right of use of Gretsch­-Unitas or their licensers. The user rece­ives no other rights to the con­t­ents than the uses men­tioned above.

The image and data mate­rial must not be modi­fied in any way; this also includes colour alte­ra­tions. Dis­semi­na­ting non pro­duct-related or pro­duct-dama­ging con­t­ents when pub­lishing or pas­sing on the unchanged data files is not per­mitted.

2. Informa­tion bulle­tins, bro­chures, cata­logues and other data files made available for download by the Gretsch­-Unitas Group may be printed out, however, their con­tent must not be modi­fied. Individual pages, photos or texts must not be saved sepa­ra­tely, repro­duced or used otherwise. The data files may be passed on in an unchanged form. Sel­ling the data files is not per­mitted.

3. Alt­hough the data files pro­vided for download were scanned for viruses, the risk of damage due to exis­ting mali­cious codes cannot be fully elimi­nated. The­re­fore, the user is asked to make ano­ther virus check when downloading.

Please note that with the download you accept our exis­ting terms of use for downloads.