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Dresden Cen­tral Railway Sta­tion

Architect: Ernst Giese, Paul Weidner und Arwed Rosbach, Umbau: Norman Foster

The three-bay steel-arched hall con­tains 18 plat­forms; the terminal sta­tion at ground level is in the centre bay (which spans 50 m) and the main plat­forms for through traffic are in the side bays (each span­ning 30 m).
The building sus­tained exten­sive damage due to bombing shortly before the end of the war and ini­ti­ally it was only pos­sible to carry out makes­hift repairs. In the years of recon­struc­tion that fol­lowed, the glass dome, which was comple­tely des­troyed, was pro­vi­sio­nally res­tored with cardboard, timber and slate. The railway sta­tion building itself was only par­ti­ally res­tored.
Before the reuni­fi­ca­tion of Germany various refur­bish­ment plans were pre­pared but not executed. In 1978, the railway sta­tion acquired listed building status.
From 2001, exten­sive con­ver­sion and renova­tion measures started in collabo­ra­tion with a UK-based architectural firm which, in addi­tion to the Berlin Reichstag, had also had expe­ri­ence in carrying out con­ver­sions and exten­sions to his­toric building fabric in London.
Ope­ning of refur­bished railway sta­tion in 2006.
A special feature of the renovated structure is the translu­cent roof for which a Teflon-coated fib­re­glass mem­brane was used. This is the first time this mate­rial has been used in a his­toric building.
The con­ver­sion by Foster was awarded the Stir­ling Prize for out­standing architecture from the Royal Insti­tute of Bri­tish Architects in 2007. "Transpor­ting the best from the past into the future".
From the summer of 2011, Deut­sche Bahn under­took the finishing and comple­tion work on the areas below the plat­forms in the north and south hall of the railway sta­tion which are to be occu­pied by retail outlets. Around 40 retail units cover a total area of 14,000 square metres which opened in 2014.

GU solu­tion: SE locking system, mecha­nical master key system, KeyManager, escape door locking sys­tems, swing-door drives

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019