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Paul Klee Centre, Bern, CH

Paul Klee Centre in Bern
Paul Klee Centre in Bern Paul Klee Centre in Bern

Architect: Renzo Piano, Genua, Paris

This cultural foun­da­tion is devoted to the German pai­nter Paul Klee (1879–1940), who spent at least half of his life in Bern. This is intended to be an inter­na­tional centre of com­pe­tence devoted to rese­arch, com­mu­nica­tion and pre­senta­tion of the person, life and work of Paul Klee and its recep­tion.
The roof of the Paul Klee Centre in Bern rises up in the form of three large waves. The Italian architect Renzo Piano created a green cultural island composed of organic forms that is clo­sely linked to the surrounding landscape.

The rolling form of the roof reflects the different func­tions of the rooms. The museum which is effec­tively a sculptural object built into the landscape has an unusual roof con­struc­tion: owing to the wave-like geo­metry, which rises towards the front, each individual metre sec­tion of the steel beams, which would cover a dis­tance of 4.2 kilo­me­tres if laid end-to-end, has a different form.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019