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Darm­stad­tium, Darm­stadt, D

Darmstadtium - the meeting place of science, economics and culture

The "Darm­stad­tium" is a sci­ence and congress centre in the heart of Darm­stadt. Its name was inspired by the name of the che­mical ele­ment disco­vered in Darm­stadt and sub­sequently named "Darm­stad­tium". The rooms and halls are all named after che­mical ele­ments, including the 26th "small hall" that was added in 2013 and named after the 26th ele­ment of the periodic table "Ferrum".

The building was desi­gned by the Vien­nese architect Talik Chalabi. The building has a sculptural appearance in the neo-con­struc­tivist style and has four interlo­cking building ele­ments which are cha­racte­rised by a pro­nounced lack of orthogo­nality. The outward-til­ting facades rise up from V-shaped concrete columns and have exten­sively slo­ping angular glass sur­faces.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019