Gla­zing tech­no­logy

With GU gla­zing tools and access­o­ries you can install practi­cally every type of glass or frame mate­rial in an individual way, even when the most demanding require­ments must be fulfilled – selected and tested mate­rials as well as a wide pro­duct range make this pos­sible. Even extreme installa­tion condi­tions such as heavy loads or large gla­zing depths can be mas­tered easily, for example by using our heavy load gla­zing packers.

GU filler tapes

GU filler tapes GU filler tapes are used to limit the pene­t­ra­tion depth of the sealing compound. At the same time, the thick­ness of the filler tape determines the thick­ness of the joint. The mate­rial of the filler tape is composed of self-adhesive closed cell poly­e­thy­lene foam and is cha­racte­rised by its fine pores and smooth­ness. These pro­per­ties and a con­sis­tently high pro­duct quality enable efficient and reliable solu­tions for a wide range of app­li­ca­tions. The tapes are available in many dimen­sions. They are resi­s­tant to aging, free of plastici­sers and compa­tible with many stan­dard sealing compounds. They can be used on all mate­rials such as timber, plastic and metal.

GU glazing packers

GU glazing packers Complying with the technical direc­tives of the gla­zing trade, GU gla­zing packers enable you to per­form gla­zings in a pro­fes­sio­nally cor­rect way. Con­sisting of highly compa­tible and perma­nent-pressure-resi­s­tant plastic mate­rial, the packers can be used with all window frame mate­rials. Widths from 22 to 50 mm and thick­nesses from 1 to 6 mm allow for their flexible use.

GU compensating blocks

GU compensating blocks With GU compen­sa­ting blocks you can safely adjust gla­zing rebate toler­ances of a PVC frame pro­file. They serve as load-bea­ring pads for the cor­responding gla­zing packers. Their flexible clamping area pro­vides for a stable posi­tion in the pro­file and reli­ably adjusts pro­file toler­ances. The reten­tion clips prevent the gla­zing packers from slipping off and facili­tate pro­fes­sional gla­zing in compli­ance with the technical direc­tives of the trade.

GU glazing tools

GU glazing paddle Expe­ri­ence and quality at work: GU gla­zing tools are reliable hel­pers enab­ling you to carry out gla­zing work pro­fes­sio­nally and in compli­ance with the technical direc­tives of the trade.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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