GU-823 and GU-923 Fold&Slide Hard­ware

Fold&Slide hard­ware from Gretsch­-Unitas reveals solu­tions that combine countless bene­fits. As higher sash weights are per­mitted, fewer individual ele­ments are required which gua­ran­tees maximum ope­ning widths. The larger glass areas allow day­light to flood into the room thus crea­ting an exclusive living atmos­phere.

The sashes are preci­sely and quietly guided by ball-bea­ring supported, plastic-coated rolls in the roller track at the bottom and in the guide track at the top. This allows large and heavy Fold&Slide sashes to be moved safely and effortlessly.

You can request a calcula­tion pro­gramme for the fast determi­na­tion of sash widths for every individual pro­file.

In conjunc­tion with the GU system thres­hold, Fold&Slide hard­ware from Gretsch­-Unitas is sui­table for barrier-free con­struc­tion in accor­dance with DIN 18040.

GU-823 and GU-923

Fold&Slide ele­ments with bottom-run­ning hard­ware can be installed indepen­dently from the stability of the building structure at the top; in addi­tion, Fold&Slide hard­ware enables a barrier-free connec­tion to the floor.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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WP00429-00-1-2 Ganzglasfestfeld – Panoramaverglasung für Hebeschiebeelemente 10-19 DEU 430,9 KB Download
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HS ePOWER – the Lift&Slide door 584,7 KB Download
Product programme 6,3 MB Download
Fold&Slide hardware – the new generation 2,3 MB Download
The Fold&Slide hardware range with UNI-JET central locking system 30,1 MB Download
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The UNI-JET Tilt&Turn hardware range single pages (with navigation) 34,2 MB Download
The UNI-JET Tilt&Turn hardware range 33,8 MB Download