UNITAS Horizontal Pivot hard­ware

For timber win­dows

GU Horizontal Pivot hard­ware for timber win­dows features the tried and tested UNI-JET cen­tral locking mecha­nism; it is sui­table for rectangular and round window formats with a maximum sash rebate width of 2950 mm and a maximum sash weight of 300 kg. The cen­tral locking mecha­nism with 'CLEVERLE' self-adjusting mushroom cam optimally adjusts clearance toler­ances. The system con­vinces through its comfor­table and well-thought-out ope­ra­ting method: ope­ning the sash, arresting it in ven­ti­la­tion posi­tion, and locking it tightly on all sides is done with one and the same handle.

Useful and practical: The sash can be pivoted by 180° in one go. When turned inside, the outside can be cleaned very con­ve­ni­ently.

Features and bene­fits pro­vided by
GU Horizontal Pivot hard­ware for timber win­dows:

  • UNI-JET cen­tral locking system from our Tilt&Turn hard­ware range
  • An adju­stable sash brake in the pivot holds the sash safely in any ven­ti­la­tion posi­tion
  • With ferGUard*silver sur­face sealing for durable corro­sion pro­tec­tion

Technical data


Rebate width

Handle height

Sash thick­ness

Max. sash weight

Sash rebate dia­meter

sash rebate width

sash rebate height

Screw-type Horizontal Pivot
UNITAS 5 Bo11/4/111556 – 92
UNITAS 7 Bo11/4/112068 – 110
Mill-type Horizontal Pivot
UNITAS 10/22°11/4/112068 – 110
Cir­cular win­dows
15/4/151556 – 92
100424 – 2016

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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