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Holiday Inn Express, Belgrade, Serbia

Architect:, Belgrad

It took only 6 years from the very first idea until the hotel ope­ning in the year 2015 – the new building in the heart of Belgrade is located in direct vicinity of the univer­sity and the 'House of the National Assembly'. The inve­s­tors delibe­ra­tely settled for a 3-star-hotel, because in the recent years mainly 4- and 5-star hotels were built.
With its 123 tas­tefully fur­nished and comfor­table bedrooms and three con­ference rooms lit with natural light, the hotel consti­tutes a fresh supp­le­ment to Belgrade's hotel landscape.

The deci­sion to use GU pro­ducts was taken for two different rea­sons: first, as an inter­na­tional enter­prise GU offers eve­r­yt­hing from a single source – from automatic entrance sys­tems through to door tech­no­logy and window tech­no­logy sys­tems and pro­ducts. This inspired not only the architects who – as an inter­na­tional architecture and inte­rior design office specialised on corpo­rate architecture – realise pro­jects as a one-stop pro­vider for all service phases, but also the contrac­tors.

Second, it was the techni­cally simple GU solu­tion to imple­ment 130 kg win­dows with triple gla­zing that tipped the scales for a coope­ra­tion with GU.

GU pro­ducts used in the pro­ject: Two automatic sliding doors at the entrance, four Lift&Slide doors using GU hard­ware in the restau­rant, overhead door clo­sers and Tilt&Turn hard­ware for heavy win­dows of up to 130 kg sash weight.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019