GEMOS­ building manage­ment system

Contrary to many other sys­tems, GEMOS­ is not a portfolio supp­le­ment in the form of a graphical user inter­face for manu­facturer-specific installa­tions, but an abso­lu­tely neu­tral system with over 400 different inter­face inte­g­ra­tions. This is why GEMOS­ allows you to control, visualise, and eva­luate different sys­tems and installa­tions – regard­less of the manu­facturer – with one user inter­face.

The system's supe­rior sca­lability makes it pos­sible to offer a Light, a Stan­dard, and a Pro­fes­sional system variant so you have an appro­priate solu­tion for small, medium-sized and large-scale pro­jects, respec­tively.

What is GEMOS­?

GEMOS­ is a building manage­ment system allowing you to control and visualise on one user inter­face different secu­rity, com­mu­nica­tion and media tech­no­logy installa­tions – regard­less of type and manu­facturer.

Hard­ware compon­ents

The compon­ents from the exten­sive GEMOS­ 19" hard­ware range are connected by pre-finished cables to form a complete, con­sis­tent modular system. Its installa­tion is simply plug & play.

Sector-specific solu­tions

Each sector has its own pro­cesses and require­ments. GEMOS­ offers perfect solu­tions for multi-pur­pose arenas, logistics compa­nies, penal insti­tu­tions and data­cen­tres.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019

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