Controlled phy­sical access

The various controlled phy­sical access sys­tems differ in terms of tampe­ring pro­tec­tion, access comfort and pass-through rate. The solu­tions in the area of controlled phy­sical access are con­vincing, not least due to their func­tio­nality and safety but also because they set new stan­dards in terms of aes­thetics and design.

3-arm turn­stiles

Whe­ther activated individually or in series, or indoors or outdoors, three-arm turn­stiles are the most common type of controlled phy­sical access and are highly ver­sa­tile.


With their sophisticated design, turn­stiles perfectly comple­ment pres­tigious buildings and the half-height 4-leaf ver­sion offers a higher pass-through rate.

Swing gates

In combi­na­tion with moto­rised swing gates, controlled phy­sical access can be made barrier-free and sui­table for transporta­tion of mate­rials.

Sensor barriers

User-fri­endly access comfort, high throughput capacity and sophisticated optics: sensor barriers offer out­standing solu­tions for controlled phy­sical access.

Reader posts and pede­s­trian guiding bars

The pur­pose of reader posts in general is to accom­mo­date access control sys­tems, LED lights and escape door termi­nals. They are pri­ma­rily used with swing gates and also with the GU-GT 1000 vertical turn­stile, as inte­g­ra­tion into the hou­sing of the controlled phy­sical access system is not pos­sible in these cases.

Secu­rity revolving doors and secu­rity curved sliding doors

The compact GU Group secu­rity revolving doors and secu­rity curved sliding doors gua­rantee reliable and comfor­table controlled phy­sical access, also wit­hout surveil­lance per­sonnel.

Full-height turn­stiles

Plant secu­rity, lei­sure facili­ties, stadiums or in tran­si­tion areas between the building and underground garage: wha­tever the app­li­ca­tion, GU Group moto­rised full-height turn­stiles come in many different ver­sions and speci­fica­tions and the­re­fore cover all require­ments for secure controlled phy­sical access in outdoor areas.

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Impressionen von der Bau 2019
Impressionen von der Bau 2019
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